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Welcome to Akhoot Water Discovery

Welcome to Akhoot Water Discovery Dreams to Reality

Akhoot Water Discovery is an Indian Water Dowsing Research Organization, based in Himatnagar & was founded in 2014 , It offers farmers for water solution for Agriculture and who want underground water for commercial or Agriculture purpose; we find water for you by our research technique.
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Our aim to be preferred provide of quality and efficient ground water services to our client and agriculture


We see our vision to create world leading and trustable Water management services . To fulfil the needs of our client and Agriculture, talking in consideration of eco system.


Our Technique

All Water Research technique is research by Akhoot Water Research centre. Our Water research technique is very unique and result oriented And some technique is first time in world.


A good Aquifer
Good Water for Drinking and Agriculture
The best place to drill a Bore point
Water Depth
Very Cost Effective
Easy Report



it’s an Art rather than a Science. We believe that the Dowser connects with the energy of the item being sought and our muscles respond to the questions asked! dowsing is the art of detecting hidden objects, finding buried objects is easily done by a dowser. Most of this can be achieved remotely from my home using a map or a plan.

The Diviner can study the geology to understand the rock strata and then visit the client’s site to dowse for areas where suitable water for Agriculture.

Can anyone do it ?

It’s an ancient skill that almost everyone can do .We have found that most people can dowse but not get good result .however it takes training, experience then practice makes perfect.

Customers about us

We made 8 bore well in last ten years but didn’t got enough water for agriculture by accidently I met Mr. Imran Tambadiya Founder of Akhoot Water Discovery I said about the situation of my field and the number of attempts done for borewell for past ten years. he visited our field and done survey and he allocated a point for borewell and we drilled a bore at his given point and found a good source of water at a depth of 300 feet . and got water of 2.0 (200 LPM) line water.



consulted Akhoot Water Discovery for water survey he visited to our field and gave a water spot with his advance techniques and by god grace a water at a depth of 450 feet with 3.0  (300 LPM) line water was found.

Abdul Kadir


Before consulting Akhoot Water Discovery I have dug three bore well at 600 ,750 and 900 feet but all was dry and little water , But after consulting them they surveyed in my field and drilled one bore as per their instructions and I got water at dept of 250 feet with 2.50 (300 LPM) line water and second bore was also surveyed by them in my other field at 82 feet and got water of 3.0 (300 LPM) line and third was a dept of 110 feet with 2.0 line

Asif Bhuvanya